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Balance the body, mind, and spirit through thai massage, acupressure, energy Healing, and yoga therapy.  Relax, heal, energize, through compressions stretches and twists.  Relieve tension in the body systems, detoxify, heal injuries, and strengthen through the power of the breath and movement.

Learn methods for SELF HEALING and BALANCE



Individual Sessions





Private one on one tailored classes and training for your individual needs to heal injuries and reach fitness and health goals



Lom is the Thai word for Chi, Prana, or Life force energy.  It is the wind force that runs in currents throughout the body.  When the Lom is blocked, the body will experience imbalance.  Thai massage allows CHI to flow properly restore the body systems to balance.

[ Herbalism ]


Alliance with the wisdom of the plant kingdom, Including Traditional Chinese herbal decoctions, teas, & tinctures for optimal well being.

[ Events + Group Classes ]


Thai bodywork, partner yoga, vinyasa, power, ashtanga vinyasa, anusara yoga, gentle yoga, hatha, yin yoga, Meridian Yoga Technique, Kundalini, Science of Self Yoga.


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I've been experiencing pain from a knee injury off and on for years. Hajera did a great job of not only relieving the pain, but also working the right muscles and tendons to help with recovery.

I was feeling very tense, especially in my shoulders. Hajera helped me relax, and loosened up any places where I was holding tension.

I've had massages before but never a Thai massage. Hajera's energy work and understanding of the body was an experience not only physically relaxing, but mentally awakening as well. Definitely not your typical massage. -Anonymous

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